Join our Zoom online services. Our Bible Study Zoom - 783829 9373. Wednesdays- 6pm - 8pm Presence Church Service - Fridays - 6pm - 8pm Sundays- 1pm - 3pm
Join our Zoom online services. Our Bible Study Zoom - 783829 9373. Wednesdays- 6pm - 8pm  Presence Church Service - Fridays - 6pm - 8pmSundays- 1pm - 3pm  

Willkommen bei Christ Ambassadors Ministries

We are called and Chosen to preach Jesus Christ The same Yesterday, Today and Forever more. 

In 2 Cor. 5: 17-21, we have our Vision, Mission and Message. We appeal with you to be reconciled back to God, if you have not done that till now. Come to God through Jesus Christ. God is wait for you.
We will be glad to welcome you in our Church Services, and assist you in your Faith life.

therefore, call or get in touch for helps or prayer requests.


Our Church is Multicultural, that started like a small mustard seed that the HolySpirit planted and is still growing, therefofe, we welcome you to our services. 


For your donation and offering to this Ministry, we thank you for your support. 


Christ Ambassadors Ministries International
BANK: POST BANK- DE45 200100200014614204
Every Donation made to this Ministry are Tax dedutable



Rev. Prince Ossai Okeke and 1st Lady, Christina Okeke are the founders and general overseers of Christ Ambassadors Ministries International. They are called and chosen by God with the leadership team of the Church to preach the undiluted full Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church foundational mission and vission is based on 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. 


Cami Men´s & Women´s  Fellowship Department

These departments  meets every 2nd Sunday after service to discuss, interact and empower the members respectively. 

Aim is building up solid Families for God. 

Joint Baptism in Hamburg 

Cami Worship Ministry

The Cami Praise and Worship team are saints that God gifted with a special talent of great voices to sing, praise, worship and to lead His people in cooperate worship in the Church.  Therefore, we are greatful to God that He blessed us with healing and uplifting voices and instrumentalists during our sunday services. Come and wittness God´s Love and gospel through music.




Junge straße 7, 20535 Hamburg- Tel:- 0175-1508768


SUNDAYS.-  Time :  1pm-3pm- Holy Ghost Service with live Music 


WEDNESDAYS/ FRIDAYS- Time:- 6-8pm- Bible & Prayers,


Saturdays- Choir Practice 3pm,


1st FRIDAYS in Month,  Time- 10pm-12:30am- SOLUTION PRAYER HOURS-



The Lord will guide you

Ask, Seek and you will Find

Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom

Herzlich willkommen! You are Welcome!

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